Why I Founded Golden Doves

When I was living in Oxford England taking my a-levels at D’Overbroeck’s, I embarked on my music career, at my leisure, so I thought.  My first song was written in Nigeria, which was based on one of the poems I read in high school. The poem was titled If You Should Know Me; my song was Try to Know Me. The poem was based on social injustice in South Africa where prejudice blinded white people from understanding the true nature of the black people of South Africa. The poem inspired my song, and I soon wrote two or three more songs.

While in England I started writing ten songs daily after classes. I sent the songs to some producers with a recording studio to create the  backing tracks  for me. I would record the songs and give detailed descriptions of the beats, and they were great with the directions. Then I would go to the studio in London or in Oxford to record the songs. I remember asking one of the mothers in my children’s private school who lived  close to Sir Richard Bronson (Mr. Virgin records) to meet with his producer who worked from their home studios. The home was magnificent. He took me to the studio, which was adjacent to the house. I walked through their living room, the pictures of the family that adorned the walls were fantastic. He told me if I record my songs at the studio,  it is not a license for me to be signed to their label unless it passes, I said okay.  After our meeting he gave me this bible like a magazine or catalog with private phone numbers of all the greatest producers/record companies in the world and asked that I  swear never to give it away or tell.

I was to find a producer in that catalog named Craig Pruess, who worked with Cliff Richard, one of the greatest musicians in England. After recording my song, Don’t Cry for Me, I went to Virgin records in London to present my song to A&R. I was informed they would listen to it then call me after a few days. After three days, I went to the West End on that great red letter day and it happened that Madonna was in town and paparazzi were all over the hotel were I was waiting until I called the record company. I made the dreaded call, which yielded good news. The A&R guy said,  Dupsy you Passed! Meaning I am half in. Half in because I was asked to bring in three more songs. I couldn’t because at that stage,  I was divorced and had no money to record the three songs. The demos I had weren’t presentable. I wanted provisional songs like the first song. That killed my dream.

I passed with every record company I took my song to. Having all the record companies direct numbers open doors for me. My real dream to be signed to virgin records never came to fruition. I went to several companies hoping I would be lucky to just get in with one song. That almost happened except I didn’t want to date the A&R guy, who fell for me at the sight of me. He offered to start recording my album immediately. I never showed up the following morning. 

Looking back and seeing how things have changed in this evolving industry, with social media platforms that open doors for everyone who is able to sell themselves without a record company asking for three produced songs is awesome. 

At Golden Doves Entertainment inc. I will open doors for those talented artists who are astute, hungry for success, who are ready to cultivate their talents and make their dreams come true, just by listening to their voice and seeing their potential and ability to work hard. I will sign them up. Golden Doves will groom them for success, and allow them to have a say, give them credit they deserve if they write their own songs, and make them shine.  

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