Submission Agreement

I, the user submitting Material, realize that many ideas, proposals, programs, scripts, plans, suggestions and other literary, dramatic or musical material, which are submitted to you, are similar to material previously used by you, previously submitted to Golden Doves Entertainment, Inc. (“you”) by others, already under consideration by you, or, in some instances, subsequently submitted to you.

I acknowledge that but for my agreement to the following, you would not accede to my request to receive and consider the material which I am submitting with this letter, or any material which I might later disclose either orally or in writing (collectively the “Material”).

1. I hereby irrevocably waive, release and relinquish any and all claims which I, or any person, firm or corporation claiming under or through me, may now or hereafter have against you, your successors, assignees or licensees, and your and their respective officers, employees and representatives, for any use or alleged use, that you or your successors, assignees or licensees may make of the Material.

2. Unless and until you and I have executed a written agreement providing for use of the Material, I will receive no compensation, and you (including your officers, directors, employees and affiliates) will have no obligation to me in any respect whatsoever with regard to such Material. Any such written agreement, by its terms and provisions, will be the only contract between us.

3. I acknowledge that you may not enter into any such agreement with me for any reason, including without limitation, your determination that the Material submitted by me is not new, or was not originated by me, or does not contain novel and original ideas, or has not been reduced to concrete form, or that it resembles material submitted by other persons or created by your employees or by third parties either before or after receipt by you of the Material.

4. I acknowledge that my submission is not confidential and that you are free of any liability should you lose or fail to preserve or return the submission to me. I have retained a duplicate copy of the Material and hold it in my possession.

5. I hereby represent that I am fully authorized and empowered to make this submission and that I am not aware of any other person who might claim an interest in the Material which could result in any liability on your part. If any such person should exist, I agree to hold you harmless in connection with any claim by any such person. I specifically acknowledge that you have not solicited this submission and that you have agreed to accept this submission solely as a result of my expressly requesting you to do so.

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